Party Away This Bicycle Day with BPS!

by | Apr 19, 2021

In Honor of Mr. Hoffman. And You.

Join us this Monday for a celebration of the very first intentional acid trip, taken on April 19th, 1943 by Albert Hoffman. We’ll be dancing, biking, and partying from 5 to midnight in Herbert Von King Park. Sound by Brooklyn Sunz, with local underground DJ’s and a special performance by Nathan Dufour.

For exact location in the park, register here. Please consider donating $19, or whatever you can, to help cover costs! See you on Monday!

(Exquisite cover art by Ellie Paisley)

BPS Alien Mascot
BPS Alien Mascot

The BPS Alien Mascot (BAM) is a tremendous help to our organization, though not much of a team player. He can do almost anything, due to the fact that his people developed artificial intelligence lifetimes ago: he’s keen to code web modules, write up grammatically flawless blogs, and roll expertly compact doinks, all within microseconds. But he’s also quite selfish, rarely sharing his jujus, crop dusting with alarming frequency, and in general, bucking the cooperative spirit that BPS is working so hard to build.

But BAM is one of ours, and we would never leave him high and dry (if only to avoid the charge of speciesism, which can ruin an otherwise stellar career or reputation).

BAM likes to ski in his spare time. He has a coterie of interstellar pets, an amazing collection of broken glass, and a fondness for porn from the Andromeda and Centaurus A galaxies.