Calling All Creatives

by | Apr 20, 2021

Help us build something truly unique…

As you may have noticed, BPS is undergoing something of a rebirth. We’re hosting events again, building websites, and in general, emerging from our COVID cocoons and reintegrating into the psychedelic scene with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm. On the organizational front, we’ll be launching a psychedelic coop in the summer, coupled with the beta launch of our Journey Cohort Program, a group-based healing and integration program for psychedelic enthusiasts. And on the media front, well, that’s where you all come in!

Our very own Creative Hub…

The BPS community is saturated with talent: designers, developers, writers, editors, videographers, photographers… the list goes on. We have content creators up the wazoo, as they say, and in the spirit of a newly re-birthed cooperative movement, we want to invite you all to become part of the BPS creative hub. Opportunities include:

  • Writing blogs
  • Writing articles
  • Writing long-form philosophical essays on the revelatory power of psychedelics
  • Editing any or all of the above
  • Designing website graphics
  • Helping maintain the website
  • Creating video content
  • Drawing cool shit
  • Doing things not listed above that you do really well and would like to contribute

By the people, for the people!

When we say we’re building a coop, we mean it. That applies to operations, programming, human resources, and our emerging creative hub. Regarding the latter, we’re actively building a team of creatives willing to share responsibilities, work cooperatively, and of course, express their unique creativity in the ways that best suit them. The theme of our project will be the transformative power of psychedelics, but the expression of that theme will be uniquely yours. And mine. Ours.

Drop us a line!

Bryan Lesseraux
Bryan Lesseraux

Though his profile picture indicates otherwise, Bryan is not a crew member of the Starship Enterprise. He works as Director of Digital Projects at a NY-based agency where he designs and builds websites, manages distributed web teams, and juggles a mix of web marketing technologies.Bryan was introduced to the psychedelic scene in 2019 through a life-altering MDMA trip. Now a burgeoning psychonaut with a keen interest in philosophy, anthropology, and the evolution of consciousness, Bryan puts his knowledge to use as BPS webmaster, contributing author, and organizational strategist.