Sacred Cacao Ceremony


BPS Invites you to join us for a traditional Cacao ceremony, drawing upon ancestral traditions within Andean culture.

Ceremony provides a space and a structure to reconnect; to take a step away from the hustle of daily life and intentionally enter into a state of sacred openness. Ceremonial practices can honor and mediate experiences with plant medicines by providing a container for the experience, extended through community support.

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine used by natives throughout Mexico and Central and South America. Cacao is traditionally thought of as a ‘heart opener’ – a substance that aids in connecting the mind and heart to tune into ourselves and those around us. It can promote acceptance and excitement for life, all while keeping us aware and grounded.

These circles will be led by Carolina Leal and Shane Rose. Carolina has been working and training with natives in Peru for over ten years, where she received the title of Paqo or Inca mesa carrier. She has been part of and has hosted multiple national and international plant medicine and self-discovery retreats. Shane has been working with ancestral plant medicines for over six years.

We take a moment to acknowledge the deep cultural traditions surrounding these practices, and extend gratitude to Carolina and Shane for sharing a glimpse into this depth. With humility and mindfulness, we invite you to reflect upon your cultural context surrounding your engagement with these practices.

We will hold two circles on Friday, May 20th, from 6-9 pm and Saturday, May 21st from 6-9 pm in Williamsburg. The address is 456 Johnson Ave (near the Morgan L stop). Tickets are priced at $60 and capacity for each circle is limited to 20 people to hold space for everyone to share. Please bring a yoga mat or seat cushion! If you have any questions or can not afford a ticket, please contact

We look forward to hosting you!