Cannabis Journey Cohort

We are very excited to announce a brand new Journey Cohort, starting in October! The Cannabis Journey Cohort will be our first collective, entheogenic journey experience. All are welcome to join us on this journey of collective healing and growth. Be sure to reserve your seat before they’re gone!

The Journey Cohorts are BPS’s very own community-based healing practice for before, during, and after a (legal) psychedelic experience. With up to sixteen fellow journeyers, the Cannabis Journey Cohort will take place once per week over the course of three weeks. This Cohort will be led by Katarina Bartel, a licensed social worker, and Mike Fowler, an integration facilitator. By participating in this program, you will not only have a transformational experience, but you will also gain traction in putting that experience towards growth and healing with the help of the cohort.

The first meeting (10/26) is dedicated to preparation: getting to know one another, setting intentions, being open, and sharing what you are hoping to work on or heal from during the journey.

The second meeting (11/2) is dedicated to journeying together. Mike and Katarina, will be leading a psychedelic cannabis journey. During this collective, transformational experience, the cohort will be guided through breathwork, meditation, and an interactive component. A uniquely crafted (smokable) cannabis blend will be provided by our sponsor and community partner, Hemp Lab NYC.

The third meeting (11/9) is dedicated to integration and community support. Members will deeply listen to one another, sharing how they plan to integrate their experiences, and will help each other take actionable steps towards their growth.

We are excited to announce that this Journey Cohort will be sponsored by our community partner, Hemp Lab! Hemp Lab was founded in 2018 by two native New Yorkers, Stephanie Diaz and Manos Lupassakis, on a mission to bring the west coast back home. They provide cannabis education & access at compassionate and affordable pricing while working to destigmatize cannabis through community.

The Cannabis Journey Cohort is $200 per person. Meetings will be held in-person on 10/26 from 7-9 pm, 11/2 from 7-10 pm, and 11/9 from 7-9pm. Cohort members are required to attend all three meetings, so please review the schedule and refund policy before signing up. Additionally, please refer to our community guidelines to ensure that this program is right for you. If you have any questions, write to us at We look forward to embarking on this community-based healing journey with you!

Tickets can be purchased here.