Compass Pathways to Acquire BPS

by | Apr 1, 2021

Dear Brooklyn Psychedelic Society community,

We’ve been hinting at some exciting updates around the corner for months now and have been eager to share them with everyone. Today, that day has finally come.

We are thrilled to announce that Brooklyn Psychedelic Society has been acquired by COMPASS Pathways. COMPASS Pathways is a publicly-traded company that’s at the bleeding edge of the psychedelic movement with over $110,000,000 in investment dollars.

“I was a bit apprehensive about the offer at first. I really had high hopes for the community-based approach to psychedelic healing like we have here at BPS” said Colin Pugh, President of the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society. “But then I realized we lacked a model for scaling our services. This is where COMPASS Pathways comes into play. Their expertise and lessons learned from the healthcare system will allow us to scale our services more efficiently by bypassing low-profit activities such as community building, peer support, and friendship.”

Brooklyn Psychedelic Society administrator Luis was lucky enough to catch up with Colin for an interview on their recent acquisition by COMPASS Pathways. You can listen here:

Pugh, who has been organizing with BPS since 2015, also stated he was impressed with COMPASS filing claims for patents around things like mood lighting, comfortable settings for tripping, and reassuring touches from therapists.

“Sure, I was hopeful that these life-changing medicines and experiences would be available both within and outside of the traditional medical and pharmaceutical models.” said Pugh. “But then I was asked if that dream was really worth all the money we’d get from retroactively enforcing patents on lava lamps and humans caring for each other during a trip. That’s when the scales fell from my eyes. I signed on the dotted line.”

Going forward, all BPS events will be COMPASS Pathways events. The BPS’s popular community gatherings known as “Trip Tale Tuesdays”, where members share personal stories of overcoming depression, addiction, anxiety, and stepping into confidence, self-love, and service will be replaced by “Trip Financing Tip Tuesdays: How to Finance Your Healing”. Proof of insurance will be required at the door.

The last regular Trip Tales will be held on April 6th at Caffeine Underground in Bushwick. Pugh also stated there will be more exciting updates on Bicycle Day as well.

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