Creativity as Integration

Brooklyn Psychedelic Society invites you to explore the power of creativity as a practice for integration and growth after a transformative experience.

*Please note that you need to purchase tickets in order to get the zoom link. Tickets are $15.

In this workshop, we will journey through a series of guided drawing exercises led by longtime artist and psychonaut Johnny Sagan. These exercises will inspire reflection and exploration of a previous psychedelic experience or important experience you would like to explore further. After the exercises, we will take time for a group discussion, where everybody can share a bit about their art and their engagement with the creative process.

Johnny Sagan studies drawing, painting, and graphic arts at the Art Students League and in the City University Of New York at Hunter College. Since New Years 2018, he has remained sober from all entheogens (except for tea and coffee!) and has used creativity and art as a bridge to the psychedelic. Through art, we bridge the mind to the material – “we are drawing something in and out of ourselves.”

In line with healing, we want to emphasize expression without judgment in this workshop. For what supplies to bring and technique, all we ask is that you log on with a drawing utensil and something to draw on, as simple or as elaborate as you would like. 

This workshop will be held on zoom from 7pm-9pm on March 22nd . To join, please purchase a ticket, and a Zoom link will be provided in your order confirmation email. We are limiting capacity to 15 people to keep the discussion intimate for all who join.

We hope this space can provide you with reflection, healing, and connection. We look forward to you joining us for this practice!