Journey Cohort Program

With our pilot Journey Cohort Program underway, we are very excited to announce a third run of our community-based healing practice! All are invited and welcome to join us in this journey of collective healing and growth. The first JCP sold out relatively quickly and we expect this one too as well, so please reserve your spot soon if you’d like to participate in the program.

The Journey Cohort Program (JCP) is BPS’s very own community-based healing practice for before, during, and after a (legal) psychedelic experience. With a cohort of ten fellow journeyers, the JCP will take place once a week over the course of six-weeks. It will be led by two incredible facilitators, both of whom are members of the BPS community themselves. By participating in this program, you will not only have a transformational experience but also gain traction in putting that experience towards growth and healing with the help of the cohort and the facilitators.

The first two weeks are dedicated to preparation: getting to know one another, setting intentions, being open, and sharing what one is hoping to work on or heal from during their journey together.

The middle two weeks are dedicated to journeying together. Rob Heffernan, a certified shamanic breathwork facilitator, will be leading the two breathwork journeying sessions. This is a very powerful modality that rivals psychedelic substances in potency and transformative potential.

The final two weeks are dedicated to integration and community support, where members will be deeply listening to one another, sharing how they plan to integrate their experiences, as well as helping each other take actionable steps towards their growth.

Your facilitators will be Bill Winter, PhD, a psychology professor and longtime BPS member and Katarina Bartel who is currently Columbia pursuing her MSW and is the program lead for the JCP.

The Journey Cohort Program is $400 per person. Meetings will be held in person on Thursday evenings starting April 28; please see the attached schedule breakdown to make sure you can attend all meetings. Additionally, please refer to our community guidelines and safety information to ensure that this program is right for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at We look forward to having you join us on this community-based healing journey!


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