Meditation for Journeying

In Meditation for Journeying, we will explore how psychedelics and meditation can facilitate insight and deep transformation.

About this event

Join us on Thursday, June 9th at 7pm for a workshop on how meditation can help catalyze transformation when journeying with psychedelics. This workshop is led by meditation expert, Janusz Welin, who has over a decade of meditation practice and experience with psychedelic medicine.

Deep journey work with psychedelics and deep meditative practices can bring about profound states of consciousness. And while many of us have heard that these practices can compliment one another, the nuances and subtleties of how they synergize is less well-known. How can mindfulness help prepare us for our journeys? How can meditative practices help us while we are in the middle of a journey? And how can mindfulness facilitate our growth and integration afterwards?

In Meditation for Journeying, we will be exploring these topics and more as we learn how psychedelics and meditation can facilitate insight and personal transformation. We will also explore how certain psychedelic medicines produce experiences that are very similar to states experienced by Buddhist practitioners and how this can inform our individual paths.

This workshop will be taught by Janusz Welin, a meditator and psychedelic journeyor with over a decade of experience. Janusz Welin is the founder of the Deep Mindfulness Collective and has co-taught with meditation expert Shinzen Young. Janusz has also studied with teachers such as Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and many others. We’re really looking forward to this workshop and hope you can attend!

Please bring your own meditation chair or yoga mat. We will be sitting on the floor.

**Face masks are REQUIRED.