Launching a Psychedelic Co-op

BPS is dedicated to serving our community. To embody this value, we are converting BPS into a non-profit co-op so that all organizational decisions will be made as a community. Under this governance model, decisions about BPS’s leadership, programming, and development will be determined through democratic voting processes.

We are starting this conversion process in January and February of 2022. We will build the groundwork for the co-op as a worker-governed organization. This means that, initially, BPS staff will work together to make decisions about the co-op’s design. Once this foundation is in place, we plan to launch a membership program in the summer of 2022 to include the community at large.

The Journey Cohort Program

The Journey Cohort Program is a community based healing practice that helps incubate personal transformation in groups that embody shared interests, goals, or beliefs. A cohort, consisting of 6-20 people, meet weekly over the course of 6 weeks to 3 months to go through preparation, a transformative experience, and integration together in a peer-support setting.

Our pilot program will be structured as follows:
Week 1: Orientation and Introductions
Week 2: Preparation and Intention Setting
Week 3: Guided Shamanic Breathwork Experience I
Week 4: Guided Shamanic Breathwork Experience II
Week 5: Processing and Integration
Week 6: Connecting to Integration Goals and Life Beyond

Connection is at the core of psychedelic healing. The space provided by JCP is intended to enable vulnerability, compassion, and empowerment through the support of one’s cohort and a trained facilitator. By placing community at the foundation of the program, we hope to encourage healthy community growth that supplements and sustains the healing garnered through the transformative experience.

In the future, programs may be grounded in a shared healing goal, identity, or spiritual worldview. We hope that creating focused spaces will allow for deeper exploration and stronger connection.

Disclaimer: Given the legal status of psychedelics, we cannot offer any hallucinogenic substances during the experience portion of the program. We are working closely with a team of lawyers to advocate for the legalization of psychedelics under supervised settings. In the meantime, the program will be centered around shamanic breathwork, which is a powerful modality that can induce transformative altered states.