Psychedelic Book Club

Do you want to dive into the history of psychedelics and the drug war? Do you want to explore the weirdest stories that have emerged from non-ordinary consciousness? Are you looking for new concepts and paradigms with which to process your own experiences? BPS invites you to join its Psychedelic Book Group. We hope to engage a number of topics with our selections, and to create a space for honest and curious conversation.

For our next reading, we will be diving into Darwin’s Pharmacy: Sex, Plants, and the Evolution of the Noosphere by Richard Doyle. We will divide the book across two meetings; please read up to page 174 for this first gathering.

We will be meeting in person to discuss the book together on Thursday, November 3, from 7-9pm at Caffeine Underground (447 Central Ave, Brooklyn).

*Please read the book in advance.
**Shout to Patrick Doerksen for organizing and hosting the bookclub.
***Shoutout to Ian: We’d like to give Ian of Caffeine Underground a great big THANK YOU for opening his space to us. Please be sure to show him some love and order some fresh-baked snacks