Psychedelic Book Club

Do you want to dive into the history of psychedelics and the drug war? Do you want to explore the weirdest stories that have emerged from non-ordinary consciousness? Are you looking for new concepts and paradigms with which to process your own experiences? BPS invites you to join its Psychedelic Book Group.

Every month we will pick a book together and meet to talk about it on the first Thursday of every month. We hope to engage a number of topics with our selections, and to create a space for honest and curious conversation.

For our next book, we are reading selected chapters of Higher Wisdom: Eminent Elders Explore the Continuing Impact of Psychedelics, by Roger Walsh and Charles Grob. In the book, fourteen of the most influential psychedelic thinkers and researchers discuss some very intriguing and challenging topics related to psychedelics.

We will read the following sections:

– “How Much Can People Change?” (Myron Stolaroff)
– The Introductory essay in “Part Two: Psychotherapy: Personal and Transpersonal”
– “The Birth and Death of Psychedelic Therapy (Betty Eisner)
– “Treating the Untreatable” (Gary Fisher)
– “The Great Awakening” (Stanislav Grof)
– The section titled “Psychotherapy and Transformation” in the book’s conclusion

As you read, please consider these three questions, which we will organize our discussion around:

  1. What models best describe the healing and transformation that occur in psychedelic therapy?
  2. Are there limits to the personality transformation and spiritual growth that psychedelics catalyze?
  3. What does it mean to be a skillful user of psychedelics? What does it mean to be a skillful psychedelic guide?

We will be meeting in person to discuss the book together on Thursday, May 12th from 7-9pm at Caffeine Underground (447 Central Ave, Brooklyn).

June Bookclub: If you would like to get a head start in ordering our next book selection. We will be discussing Listening to Ecstasy by Charles Wininger, who has agreed to make himself available for the book’s discussion.

Compare book prices here:

*Please read the book in advance.

**Shout to community member, Patrick Doerksen for organizing and hosting the bookclub.

***Shoutout to Ian: We’d like to give Ian of Caffeine Underground a great big THANK YOU for opening his space to us. Please be sure to show him some love and order some fresh-baked snacks

*** Vaccination required upon entry. No exceptions.