Psychedelic Book Club

Do you want to dive into the history of psychedelics and the drug war? Do you want to explore the weirdest stories that have emerged from non-ordinary consciousness? Are you looking for new concepts and paradigms with which to process your own experiences? BPS invites you to join its Psychedelic Book Group.

Every month we will pick a book together and meet to talk about it on the first Thursday of every month. We hope to engage a number of topics with our selections, and to create a space for honest and curious conversation.

For our next book, we are reading Listening to Ecstasy: The Transformative Power of MDMACharley Wininger, the author, and Shelley Wininger will be present to speak about their experience with MDMA and how they have used it to enrich their lives.

Our hope is for a fruitful conversation around topics such as: the creation of safe and potentially transformative containers; what it means to build psychedelic community; and the power dynamics involved in psychedelics from the therapeutic to the recreation setting, which has been a recurring topic in group discussion.

As you read, please keep track of questions you may wish to ask Charley and Shelley, and insights you’d like to bring to the conversation.

We will be meeting in person to discuss the book together on Thursday, June 30th from 7-9pm at Caffeine Underground (447 Central Ave, Brooklyn).

*Please read the book in advance.

**Shout to community member, Patrick Doerksen for organizing and hosting the bookclub.

***Shoutout to Ian: We’d like to give Ian of Caffeine Underground a great big THANK YOU for opening his space to us. Please be sure to show him some love and order some fresh-baked snacks

*** Vaccination required upon entry. No exceptions.