Psychedelic Sound Bath Journey

Open your minds, hearts, and ears – we’re partnering with Maha Rose for a Psychedelic Sound Bath! Join us on Monday, July 25th at 6:30 pm in East Williamsburg to follow sound to a state of relaxation and restoration.


Our bodies are in constant motion, fluctuating through cycles of breath and blood flow, thought and action. When we appreciate this perspective, we see the resonant nature of being and the deep connection we share with sounds and vibration, both physically and symbolically.

Sound baths can guide us to states of deep meditation, calmness, and reflection. These expansive experiences can help us reconnect with our senses and ground us in the present moment. In this sound bath, we will explore the wisdom of the gong, as well as tuning forks, Tibetan and Crystal bowls, and other instruments.

This sound bath will be facilitated by Johanna Verley from Maha Rose. She is a Reiki Master, Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Practitioner, and Breathwork Facilitator. She uses various healing modalities to enable self-discovery, encourage optimal well-being, and empower individuals with the tools to strengthen their own innate ability to heal. Maha Rose is a community centered around healing and transformation.

Tickets for this event are $45 and are available at this link. Please reach out to us at if you need any financial assistance to attend.

Participants are encouraged to lay down for the duration of the sound bath to reach deeper states of relaxation. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket to stay comfortable. A few yoga mats are available on site if you need one!

Can’t wait to see you there! Until then, sending good vibrations your way