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Welcome to the nation's first Cannabis Journey Cohort Program

The Cannabis Journey Cohort Program is our very own collective, entheogenic journey experience. This program was designed to give our community a container to legally journey with psychoactive plant medicine. 

What is the Journey Cohort Program?

The Journey Cohort Program (JCP) is our start-to-finish modality for psychedelic journeying in a peer-based setting. The JCP is led by two trained facilitators, one with a psychotherapy background and another with a ceremonial space-holding background. 


All programs contain three core parts—preparation, journeying, and integration. By offering a complete experience, the JCP greatly enhances the safety, intentionality, and benefits of the psychedelic journey for the participants.  


The program consists of cohorts of 12 to 14 people. By opening up space for people to gather and journey together, the JCP enhances the power and healing that comes from journeying in groups. 


The Journey Cohort Program lasts for 3 weeks and all participants are required to be present in all the meetings - preparation, journeying, and integration - to preserve the integrity of the cohort. You can read more about the three stages of the JCP here.

The Program

WEEK 1 - Preparation

2 Hours

Introductions & Intentions

Introductions, setting intentions, and building community within the cohort. In addition to facilitating personal transformation, working with cannabis as a medicine is a unique opportunity to reframe our relationship with this plant.

WEEK 2 - Journeying

4 Hours


Mike and Katarina will be leading a psychedelic cannabis journey. During this group experience, the cohort will be guided through breathwork, meditation, and a sharing circle. A uniquely crafted (smokable) cannabis blend will be provided.

WEEK 3 - Integration

2 Hours

Journey Integration Circle

Members will deeply listen to one another, sharing how they plan to integrate their experiences and will support each other in taking actionable steps toward their growth. As this is our final session together, honoring the community that has been built is an important part of our integration process.

We aim to have this available on a monthly basis. This has sold out for every cohort. Sign up to be the first to know when the next cohort is announced.

Thanks for joining the waitlist!

Join the Waitlist

Colin' JCP Vision

Listen to Colin's vision for the JCP

Colin Pugh is our Executive Director and has been working tirelessly to grow the BPS community since 2016. The idea of the JCP came to him when most great ideas do... in the shower. Listen to learn more!

Cannabis JCP integration circle_edited.jpg
“This program transformed my previously very hesitant relationship with cannabis. It allowed me to open my heart, accept myself, and feel into my body in ways that I didn't know were possible.”

JCP Journeyer

katarina headshot bw.png

Katarina Bartel, LMSW

Katarina is a Brooklyn-based social worker with a background in neuroscience and behavioral biology. She is also trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy.


Katarina has been developing the JCP since 2021. She takes a trauma-informed and mindfulness-based approach to group facilitation and is passionate about the healing power of community.


Katarina holds a Master's Degree from Columbia University in Social Work and a Bachelor's Degree from Emory University in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. 


Outside of BPS, Katarina works as a full-time therapist and is currently working towards her LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) designation.


Mike Fowler - Facilitator

Mike is a former Airbnb software engineer turned mindset coach and space holder. He helps burned out people learn to rest.

Mike brings 10+ years of experience working in technology; extensive training as a coach, somatic counselor, and meditator; with the sincere belief that finding stillness within us is one of the most meaningful pursuits available to us in life.

James Finley says "there is a peace that can be found that does not depend on the conditions of peace." Mike helps people find that peace.


Elizabeth's JCP Experience

Learn about Elizabeth's JCP Experience

Elizabeth participated in the very first Cannabis Journey Cohort Program that started in November 2022. Watch to learn how this experience compared to other modalities and medicines she has worked with previously. 

“My most significant takeaway from participating in the Cannabis JCP was the startling insight into the complexity of other people’s inner lives. I have a new kind of compassion now.”
“The Cannabis JCP contributed to my healing journey by giving me more confidence being vulnerable around other people.”
“I was reminded how powerful cannabis can be and how I must respect it and use it as a medicine.”

Recommended Reading

Check out these books in case you are new to this space and want to learn more on your own time. 

1 / Psychedelic Cannabis

By Daniel McQueen

2 / How to Change Your Mind

By Michael Pollen

3 / The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide

By James Fadiman

The Frequently Asked Questions

How will journeyers ingest the cannabis?

During the journey session, the cannabis provided will be smokable. Each participant will be given a hybrid joint that has been crafted specifically for our psychedelic cannabis ceremony.


What is the journey experience like?

During the journey session, we begin by connecting as a group and reviewing all logistics for the evening. We then start the ceremony with an invitation to ingest as much cannabis as feels appropriate for each person. 


Some choose to take 1-2 small inhalations, others choose to smoke the majority of their joint. Most find that smoking a small amount of cannabis can yield powerful results in a ceremonial setting. 


After smoking, everyone lies down on yoga mats and blankets/pillows. Participants are then guided through a meditation and optional breathwork in order to deepen their experience. A specially curated music selection is provided as inspiration for the journey. The ceremony is a primarily inward journey for about 2 hours. 


After this time, participants are gently guided back into the room and invited to participate in a brief sharing circle. We then conclude the circle and participants are invited to share light snacks.

Can I participate if I have no prior experience with psychedelics or psychedelic ceremonies?

Prior experience with psychedelics and/or psychedelic ceremonies is not required in order to participate in the Cannabis Journey Cohort. If you do not have prior experience with psychedelics, we recommend you reach out to us to schedule time to consult with one of our facilitators to make sure this program is a good fit for you.


I am new to BPS, how do I know if this is right for me?

If you are new to the BPS community; welcome! We’d love for you to join us in the next Cannabis Journey Cohort. This program is intended to offer a guided, safe, and legal psychedelic experience to those looking for a transformative experience.


This program is a good fit if you are looking to embark on a group journey experience that is intentional and grounded in human flourishing. At BPS we view community as a key part of the medicine, so community building and getting to know your cohort members is a key part of this experience. 

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