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Time is TBD


Cardea Ketamine Space

Ketamine Journey Cohort

BPS is excited to offer ongoing Ketamine Journeys to all BPS members, in partnership with Cardea Ketamine Space.

Ketamine Journey Cohort
Ketamine Journey Cohort

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Cardea Ketamine Space, 511 Canal St ste 500, New York, NY 10013, USA


About the event

BPS is excited to offer ongoing Ketamine Journeys to all BPS members, in partnership with Cardea Ketamine Space. These cohorts will be arranged on an as needed basis: once we have seven RSVPs (the size of a cohort), we will initiate the process.

BPS Members can RSVP by clicking on the Members Portal on the top right of the BPS homepage, then scrolling past the facilitator list to the Ketamine Journey Cohorts section.

If you are not a BPS member, you can become one here!

What is a Ketamine Journey Cohort? Journey Cohorts are BPS’s own community-based healing practice for before, during, and after a psychedelic experience. This involves a three-session arch: preparation and journey (on the same day); and integration (within two weeks of the journey):

  • Preparation: the cohort will get to know one another, set intentions, and share what you are hoping to work on or heal during the journey. This preparation session will be led by Cardea facilitators.
  • Journeying together: Cardea facilitators will lead a ketamine journey at their Ketamine Space in Manhattan.
  • Integration and mutual support: members will share their experiences and how they plan to integrate them, and will support each other in taking actionable steps towards their growth. The integration circle will be led by BPS facilitators.

All BPS members are welcome to join these journeys of self-exploration and growth in the context of community relationships. In order to create a safe and intimate container, each cohort is limited to seven people.

The BPS member’s rate is $350 per person—$50 cheaper than making arrangements through Cardea. Please note that, for regulatory reasons, Cardea will be billing for the whole process.

An RSVP reserves your spot and as such represents a commitment; if you qualify after your medical screening, Cardea will initiate the payment process.

Please refer to our community guidelines to ensure that this program is right for you. If you have any questions, write to us at We look forward to embarking on this community-based healing journey with you!

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